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Convenient & Reliable Medical Care

Whether your pet has a temporary illness or a chronic problem, Pawsitively Pets, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, is here to help. We offer in-home pet care for special needs pets, taking care of everything from administering medications to transporting your companion to the clinic. Our services are ideal for pet parents on the go or animals that need consistent care throughout the day. With our help, you can go about your day knowing someone friendly and knowledgeable is taking care of your animal companion.

Cat at the Veterinarian

Trusted Medical Care

Recommended by 45 veterinarians, we bring great knowledge and several years of experience to every client. We pride ourselves on being both dependable and trustworthy because we know how important your pet's medication is to his or her health. When we are caring for your pet, you can rest assured we will be patient, gentle, and caring.

Service Rates

  • Medical Pet Care - $35 Per Visit
  • Medications - $3 Per Medicine
  • Injectable Medications - $10 Per Medicine
  • Fluid Therapy - $25 a Session
  • Transportation - $35 Each Way

Medical Consulting

Finding out your beloved pet is sick can be scary and confusing, but we are here to help you understand and work through the process. If your pet needs surgery or extensive care, we work with you to explain medical terms, costs, procedures, and treatment either in your home or over the phone. We are the only company in the state that offers this service, and we are dedicated to ensuring you have all the answers and support you need.