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Positive Training Techniques for Every Dog

Turn a troublesome furry friend into a beloved member of the family with dog training from Pawsitively Pets, Inc. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our staff of veterinarian technicians has years of experience teaching family pets to respond to basic commands as well as gently correcting unwanted behavior. Our success is seen in our clients' well-behaved dogs and our wonderful list of references.

German Shepherd in Training

Types of Training

Using positive reinforcement, we teach your dog everything from good manners to advanced training techniques. Our training covers everything from basic commands to more difficult training like socialization, behavior modification, and desensitization.

On Your Schedule

Depending on your needs and how well your dog learns, training can be scheduled as rarely or as frequently as needed. We can show up anywhere from once a week to five times a week.

Training Prices

There's nothing better than spending time with a well-behaved pup. Our lifestyle training classes cost $45 an hour and cover everything your dog needs to know in order to be a good member of your family.